Four Column Type Special Hydraulic Press for Bonded Rare Earth Permanent Magnet

Four Column Type Special Hydraulic Press for Bonded Rare Earth Permanent Magnet
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Four column type special hydraulic press for bonded rare earth permanent magnet


A: The machine use “tertiary pressurizes” takes shape the technique, had guaranteed the powder product takes shape the smooth exhaust and the product density is even.

B: The machine has the asynchronous bidirectional suppression (fluctuation to suppress) and the synchronization bidirectional suppresses two kind of suppressed forms, may adapt the radial direction not assymetrical components and the radial symmetry components suppression separately takes shape, by the reasonable arrangement neutral surface, reduces agglutinates the distortion, enhances the qualified rate.

C: The machine has “goes against the drawing of patterns”, “lags behind the protection drawing of patterns”, “the micro return trip, the protection drawing of patterns” three drawing of patterns ways, by adapts each kind of performance material, returns to the tension strong material product smoothly leaving cavity in particular.

D: Adds the powder to the product highly, the drawing of patterns position and the suppression adopts the electricity, the fluid, the machine highly decides the phase union, may realize “decides the regulation control, the pressure protection” and ”the pressure control, the position protection” two suppressed ways, guarantees the product volume production the uniformity, the repetition pointing accuracy may achieve ≤ ± 0.03mm.

E: The machine has the core pole driving mechanism in, by guards against the product when the drawing of patterns produces the crack . When drawing of patterns, the core pole is motionless, the mold cavity lags behind, waits the product to leave the mold cavity completely, under final core pole.

F: The hydraulic system uses the integrated block oil duct, the fat liquor secondary filter system and the water cooling installment, first the flange type structure, the hose connection, had guaranteed the movement stable, is reliable, attacks slightly, reveals few. Uses, the low pressure combination high pumps for the oil way, reduced the power loss.

G: The electrical system uses imports PLC, the time relay control, has the adjustment, semiautomatically, the completely automatic operating mode.


This series automatically takes shape the hydraulic press is suitable for the caking rare earth permanent magnetism product (column, tile shape, ring-like iso-shape components) the suppression to take shape, also is profession production powder product the and so on powder metallurgy, electronic ceramics, magnetic material, hard alloy, compound materials ideal takes shape the equipment.


• Concave mold proportion fluctuation installment

• The micro return trip protects the drawing of patterns installment

• Next central auxiliary cylinder

• Automatic feed installment

• Mold frame

• Touches the type industry display monitor

• Displacement pressure transmitter

 Technical parameters: