Frame Type Lower Top Frame Hydraulic Press

Frame Type Lower Top Frame Hydraulic Press
Product Details


Product Name:        HYZH-E1 series frame hydraulic press

Product classification:   [ hydraulic mechanical product ] - hyzh hydraulic press




 ● adopt integral steel welded frame frame, overall rigidity and high compressive strength;

● pressure, stroke, holding pressure can be adjusted according to pressing process;

 ● different derived models, such as rejecter, upper butt material and upper and lower composite butt material or shallow drawing, suitable for the needs of various pressing molding processes;

● press quick after closing, to reach the nominal pressure only for a few seconds;

● use the underneath type tank, replace and clean the tank conveniently; After more than ten years, the quality is stable and the performance is reliable

. ■ the stamping, extrusion forming, shallow drawing, shaping, fumo and trimming of metal or non-metal parts; : typical products have watch case, watch band, glasses frame and parts, frame, tableware, signs, lock car parts and hardware parts, etc.