Frame Type Single Acting Plate Stretching Hydraulic Press

Frame Type Single Acting Plate Stretching Hydraulic Press
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Y27 Frame press (Pull lever frame Yitai hydraulic press)

◆    Optimized design, the frame is entirely welded with steel plates, and treated to relive stress by tempering for high precision.

◆    Cartridge valve equipped for hydraulic control system, reliable, durable and less hydraulic shock, shorter connection pipeline and fewer release points.

◆    Centralized button control system,with adjustment,hand and semi-auto operateion modes at operator’s choice(set-stroke single and set-pressure single).

◆    Four-angle and eight-side guide rail in high precision and with strong capacity against deflection,concentrated lubrication.

◆    New type of oil cylinder sealing components marked by high reliability and long service life.

◆   Sliding blocks operating in high speed, ensuring high efficiency.

◆   The slide operating pressure, no-load quick travel and low-speed movement can be adjusted according to technological requirements.

◆   Hydraulic cushion is fitted beneath the worktable; adequate knockout hole and hydraulic cushion are prepared on the plate of worktable with the operating modes including drawing, ejection and no ejection.