Hydrovalve for Hydraulic Press

Hydrovalve for Hydraulic Press
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Brief Introduction: This series hydrovalve is a kind of fluid control one-way valve. One direction stops flow, another freeflow. 

Pre-action is activated by the hydraulic pressure from oil port pressure supplied control spool in order to open the king valve directly.This valve is designed for superposition system so various types of hydrovalves can be added on one basic part. 

Hydrovalves are with spring loading type disk end construction. It makes piston quick charge and discharge under pressure. Hydrovalve can set pre-open pressure. It has reliable sealing feature.It is widely used in metal forming machinery which enable press cylinder to charge and discharge instantly. Under high pressure and high oil flow, the unloading function can avoid lash. Normally, the liquid-filled is used as suction and drain valve between hydraulic pressure and cylinder. Large supplement of oil is needed in cylinder from oil tank automatically while big pressing machines working with full capacity; During slowly compression, needs to avoid oil goes back to oil tank. When reversing, oil come back to tank. High quality, precise level, no leading, excellent pressure keeping. Lead the spool to reduce vibe and noise. It is widely used in high speed press, pressing machine, injection molding machine etc.