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Cause and solution of the vibration of hydraulic press

When the upper pressure of the hydraulic press is stopped, it is difficult to release it in a short time. Can be used to allow the hydraulic machine with one-way valve to stop the pressure on the loop, in the small hydraulic press and injection molding machine has a good advantage. Check valve in the one-way valve and the main valve core will be opened together, so that it will stop the oil on the cylinder, because the flow is relatively large, so the pressure will be relatively large.
So what should we do about it?
First of all to be good to control the pressure relief valve. You can use the throttle valve to stop the conditioning, it could also be used to control fluid flow control, thus the velocity of the piston stops falling in hydraulic machine and injection molding machine, stop may return uplink when there is noise and vibration and impact, this is the main valve check valve should be closed.