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Four-column hydraulic machine maintenance and repair

Four-column hydraulic machine maintenance, in addition to meet the maintenance requirements of the general machinery and equipment, there are its special requirements, mainly in the following points:

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1, the operator must be familiar with the role of the main hydraulic components used in four-column hydraulic machine, be familiar with the principle of hydraulic system, master the sequence of system operation.

2, the operator should always monitor the hydraulic system working conditions, observation of work pressure and speed, check the workpiece size and props wear, in order to ensure stable and reliable hydraulic system.

3, before starting the equipment, should check all sports institutions and solenoid valves into the original state, check the fuel tank. If you find abnormal or insufficient fuel, are not allowed to start the hydraulic pump motor, and find maintenance personnel to deal with.

4, winter when the four-column hydraulic oil tank temperature does not reach 25 degrees Celsius, the implementing agencies are not allowed to begin work in order, and can only start the hydraulic pump hydraulic pump running empty. During the summer work, when the fuel tank temperature is higher than 60 degrees Celsius, pay attention to the hydraulic system working conditions, and notify the maintenance staff to deal with.

5, down 4h above the four-column hydraulic press, before starting work, you should start the hydraulic pump motor 5-10min, and then can work with pressure.

6, the operator is not allowed to damage the electrical interlock system, are not allowed to manually push the electronic control valve, are not allowed to damage or arbitrarily move the location of the operating files.

7, when the four column hydraulic machine hydraulic system failure, the operator is not allowed to arbitrarily move, should immediately report to the maintenance department.

8, four-column hydraulic machine should always be kept clean, anti-frame hydraulic machine dust, cutting fluid, cutting, cotton yarn and other debris into the tank.