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Four column hydraulic machine sequence valve installation method.

1, the general order valve leaked, so it is necessary to uninstall the port connected to the tank, and keep the road not too high pressure unloading, so does not affect the normal work criterion valve
2, according to the hydraulic valve control trivial resolution procedure specific requirements of the internal control sequence valve, pressure oil supply should contain false reliable and close the valve.
3, the quality of the opening and opening of the bad sequence valve, usually a large flow, once the pressure is too high, thereby reducing the system performance
4, determine the criterion of valve opening pressure can not be excessive, otherwise it will lead to stop execution due to leakage
5, the order of the flow through the valve should not exceed the excessive flow of special, otherwise it will attack the vibration or other tough that will
6, order valve is multi thread connections, installation location should be easy to manipulate and guard
7, in the use of one-way valve criterion must guarantee tightness, not attack leakage, we can ensure that we and the hydraulic cylinder.
8, according to the valve as the unloading valve, should be aware of is that the component test task after pressure regulating pressure spring screw to regulate the recuperation of the unloading valve, it will allow the trivial exercise pressure makes the impact of income difference should be.