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Hydraulic machine of pollution prevention measures.

Working medium of hydraulic system hydraulic machine (hydraulic oil) for its oxidation and produce oxides and hydraulic components work wear and soluble or insoluble particles in the hydraulic oil, caused by working medium pollution.
(1) in the selection of hydraulic oil, as far as possible the use of anti-corrosion, good lubrication performance and stable performance, long-term work without deterioration of oil.
(2) we also need to pay attention to adding a filter in the oil outlet of the tank can also eliminate some of the pollution
(3) we can first of all, in the installation, maintenance or replacement of hydraulic components, to ensure the cleanliness of the pipeline, the rest of the casting must also be thoroughly cleaned;
(4) when the four column hydraulic press hydraulic transmission system to complete the assembly when flushing (but also other elements of the system is disconnected from the pipeline, to prevent removal of dirt again contaminated oil);
(5) the tank must be sealed, as far as possible the choice of copper or oil resistant hose and fuel tank and hydraulic components;
(6) timely replacement of oil.
(7) we should also timely and timely replacement of oil. If the replacement is not timely, oil machinery will directly play a hybrid particle abrasive effect and accelerated wear of hydraulic components, and the soluble impurities due to wear reduced lubrication oil will aggravate the hydraulic components, and will cause corrosion wear and sliding slot orifice side is locked or blocked.