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Importance of accuracy of hydraulic press

In general, about the general use of pressure processing parts, hydraulic machine adopts the accuracy of selection accuracy. This is because the size of the mechanical strength of the press itself has a great impact on the precision of the press. Press the assumption of low intensity, it will make the press machine Ao arrived in the blanking pressure instantaneous attack deformation, so the above conditions even in the static tune is very good, also because of the strength influence formed like bed deformation, differential attack. Therefore, press precision and strength greatly, and the intensity has a great influence on the punching, stamping cold consumption in high precision blanking workpiece and strong continuity, must use high precision, and rigid press.
Hydraulic machine is a universal hydraulic machine of a fine structure. The press can be widely used in cutting, punching, blanking, circuitous, riveting and forming process. Through the application of Zengzhuang greater pressure on the metal blank attack of plastic deformation and fracture of metal parts to be processed into the. When the mechanical press is driven by a motor, a large belt pulley is driven by a motor through a triangular belt, and the slider crank mechanism is driven by a gear pair and a clutch to drive the slider and the convex die to go up. Mechanical press in forging obligations after the realization of slider Cheng uplink, clutch driving gear and the crank shaft of the actuator is switched on, so that the slider at TDC near stagnation. The official before the operation shall be subject to the confirmation of the normal idling test before duty. Before the boot should be cleared on the duty of all the items on the table, to avoid driving vibration hit or hit the switch caused by the sudden start of the slider. Operation must use tools, is strictly prohibited by hand directly into the mold mouth, hand tools should not be placed on the mold.
The workpiece in the die area of the workpiece position or exposing the card swap in mould, foot pedal must leave. More than one person to operate the same press should be unified command, clear signal to the other side to make a clear response, and to confirm the risk of leaving the area and then move. A sudden power outage or completion of operation should be blocked off, and will return to control clutch neutral, brake in braking condition. To repair, adjust and stop press in device, adjustment, assembly tooling, machine tool should disconnect the power (such as electricity, gas, liquid), machine operation under the condition of stagnation and stop, put on the slider pad under reliable support. Machine start switch listed notice warning.