Single Column Tensile Hydraulic Press

Single Column Tensile Hydraulic Press
Product Details


Main features:
      ◆The computer optimized design for the four column structure: four column structure is simple, economical and practical;
      ◆The hydraulic control system adopts the cartridgevalve integrated system, reliable operation, long service life, small hydraulic impact, reducing the connecting pipe and leak, hydraulic integrated system with independent control unit;
      ◆The independent electrical control system, reliable work, convenient maintenance, intuitive operation;
      ◆The centralized control buttons, with adjustment, semi automatic (semi-automatic process can be divided into single and two single constant pressure process) two kinds of mode of operation;
      ◆The slider working pressure, no-load fast and slow down work into the travel range can be adjusted according to the need of the process.

Technical parameters: